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Around half of all fish caught in the North Sea are unnecessarily thrown back into the ocean DEAD!!

The problem is that in a mixed fishery where many different fish live together, fishermen cannot control the species that they catch. Fishing for one species often means catching another, and if people don’t want them or fishermen are not allowed to land them, the only option is to throw them overboard. The vast majority of these discarded fish will die.

Because discards are not monitored, it is difficult to know exactly how many fish are being thrown away. The EU estimates that in the North Sea, discards are between 40% and 60% of the total catch. Many of these fish are species that have fallen out of fashion: we can help to prevent their discard just by rediscovering our taste for them.

Others are prime cod, haddock, plaice and other popular food species that are “over-quota”. The quota system is intended to protect fish stocks by setting limits on how many fish of a certain species should be caught.

Fishermen are not allowed to land any over-quota fish; if they accidentally catch them, which they can’t help but do – and because we are taking fish out of the sea faster than they can be replenished. It is not just how many fish we are catching, but how we catch them… ome fishing methods take far more fish than we use discarding alarming quantities of unwanted, young, dead fish back into the sea, and some fishing activities can seriously damage our fragile seabed habitats, killing other sea life such as dolphins, seals and birds in the process.

‘European Law preserving fish stocks’ Can this law be right?

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