Fish Preparation

There are a number of different methods and ways to prepare fish ready for cooking. At Ramsdens we try our best to meet with our customers requirements and below are a few different preparation methods that can be used.

Fresh Flat/Round Fish Fillets

We cut 2 fillets from a flat fish (plaice, lemon sole etc) and Round Fish (cod, haddock, bass etc) that means you will have one fillet from the top side of the fish and another from underneath.

Fresh Steaks

When we steak a fish we cut across the fish so you have a cross section of the fish, with bone in the middle; these are also called cutlets.

Fillet Portions

These are portions cut from very large fillets. We cut and prepare individual fillet portions so they are ready for you to cook.


This involves removing the scales from the fish. To be served, whole fish needs scaling so you are left with the clean skin.

Scaled & Pinboned

We de-scale the skin side of the fillet and remove the small line of bones known as “pinbones”. This is the most common form of preparation.


We remove the skin from the fish fillets.

Scaled & Gutted

Whole fish such sometimes needs to be gutted and have their scales removed.

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